. Cassette Type – Teknofalt
Cassette Type

In this kind of dust collectors cleaning of the bags can be made by a second fan. The cleaning fan blows the air in the opposite direction of the air flow for cleaning process. The key advantage of this system is to provide excellent results for the systems having lack of sufficient operating area.


Teknofalt cassette type filter consists of dirty gas inlet, main body where dust is seperated by cassettes, clean gas part, cleaning chariot, drive mechanism, blowing (cleaning) fan, dust collecting hopper, carrying-transport screw and legs. Additionally there is main fan to provide suction and exhaust system. Filter casettes are positioned horizontally on their trays in the part of dirty gas and isolated from the clean gas part by the washers. Blowing fan is fixed on the clean gas duct with rubber mounting and connected to cleaning chariot moving with impulse with flexible hose. Cleaning chariot driven by the motor equipped with the chain and steel rope is positioned outside.


Dust passing from the dirty gas inlet to downwards through the side surfaces of the cassettes positioned on their trays in a row is accumulated on the exterior surfaces of the casette bags thanks to the suction made inside the cassettes. The accumulated dust on the casette bags drops into the stock hopper with the counter air flow made by cleaning fan.

Cleaning chariot covers three row of cassettes during the cleaning process. That’s why the dust raised by the air flow blown to the middle row drops into the stock hopper without advancing to the other cassettes as the right and left cassettes are closed and there is no suction.

The cleaning chariot repeats the same moves one by one by receiving the impulse and this process maintains as determined by the automation. The dust seperated from the cassettes is collected into the hopper and can be transferred any other place.