. Jet Pulse Type – Teknofalt
Jet Pulse Type

Jet-pulse filter system shows high performance for keeping all kinds of powder.

  • Flexible in design and longer bags can be used.
  • Low operation cost thanks to effective jet pulse cleaning system.
  • Internal pressure of the filter is lower which requires less power for the fan.
  • Easy access with the lids opening to the cages and damaged bags ensuring lower maintenance cost.

Compared to other systems it is less sensitive to the properties of the powder. As a result, the size of the filter and the filter does not require a detailed analysis of dust. The change in the powder properties does not interfere with maintaining the performance of the filtre.


Teknofalt, Jet-pulse type filter consists of the dirty gas inlet, main body in which dust is separated , clean gas area, cleaning jet pulse part, dust collection hopper, carrying-transport screw and legs. Additionally there is main fan to provide suction and exhaust system. Filter cages are positioned vertically in the part of dirty gas on mirror plate of the filtre and isolated from the clean gas part by the washers. Clean gas part is mounted on it. This system has no moving parts.


The powder passing through the dirty gas inlet and side surfaces of the cages with bags positioned vertically is accumulated on the exterior surface of the bags on the cages with the suction processed throygh the center of the cages.

The powder accumulated on the surfaces of the bags of the cages drops with the air pressure force into the powder stock hopper. Dirty gas is dispersed equally on the filtre bags when entering into the filtre through the inlet. In this system, the flow is realised gravimetrically downwards and the dust precipitate into the hopper. Dirty gas is kept on the exterior surface of the bag and the cleaned gas is released from the upper side of the bag. Main fan is connected to the filtre from the clean gas side.

Filtre bags are cleaned with pressured air. Pressured air is transferred to the center of the bag with venturi. Venturi reduces the loss of the pressure and distributes the pressure along with the long filtre bag. High air pressure shock blows the filtre bag so accumulated dust drops into the hopper.

Instant pressured air shocks are distributed with pulses. Repetition of the pressured air shocks can be maintained or adjusted according to the resistance of the filtre bags. Adjustable pressured air shocks provides flexibility against changing working conditions. Optimised shock system compatible with pressured tank, pressured air distributing duct and pulses ensures an effective solution for adjusting the air shock. The dust accumulated on the surface of filtre bag drops into the stock hoppers with air shock and can be transferred to any other place.